CCTV Monitoring

CCTV has become a major tool in the prevention of crime, on both the small and big scales. A successful deployment of the system can see massive reductions in theft, trespassing, and conflict. But just having the system installed is not usually enough. You need qualified and experienced CCTV operators to truly reap any reward from your investment.

That is where Nation Security Guarding comes in.

Our CCTV operators are highly trained security guards, that can utilise the system to greater effect than anybody else could. They are trained to look beyond the obvious, utilising their wits and wisdom to snuff out any potential crime. This knowledge of the signs to look for only comes with experience, which can only be obtained by putting in the man hours behind the camera. Advanced profiling techniques, and a full audit of camera positioning means our operatives can often prevent crimes before they even occur.

Our short and long term packages will bring you ultimate peace of mind, as you can enjoy up to 24 hour CCTV monitoring. When used in tandem with our other security guarding services, you can rest assured that your property or event is as secure as possible.
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