Close Protection

Sometimes, traditional security isn’t enough. High profile people simply can’t risk being left out in the open, as they carry a higher chance of being involved in a negative altercation, be it with the press, opposition forces, or rabid fans. Close protection from Priority Watch Services looks to be the barrier that combats or prevents these scenarios.

The act of close protection, or as it is informally known “bodyguarding”, is as much about avoidance as it is about dealing directly with the negative incidences outlined above. Our close protection officers work with our clients to work out their specific requirements, be it for short or long term timescales. Our men and women will carry out thorough threat analyses and risk assessments to ensure that all is being done to guarantee the safety of our clients.

Their experience and high level of training allows Priority Watch Services’s close protection officers to develop plans and strategies that, most of the time, will focus on finding the easiest way to move our clients around. Again, if a negative situation can be avoided altogether, this is always the best policy. But should these scenarios be unavoidable, they will work hard to find a strategy that will make things as smooth as possible.

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It is Priority Watch Services’s aim to always exceed our customer’s expectations through an integrated approach to security.

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Not only will our clients be gaining access to this level of planning and assessment, but they will also be gaining access to highly trained, SIA approved close protection professionals. Our on the ground teams come equipped with the latest knowledge on conflict resolution, restraining techniques, evasive driving, and the use of addition tools. Simply put, our clients will be in the safest hands possible from beginning to end, working on a one to one basis to ensure that everything that can be done in the name of protection has been put into action.

Priority Watch Services offers our services in various different time scales. Should our clients only need cover for a set amount of time, we offer short and long term contracts. But, should the threats remain a constant, we also offer rolling contracts. These can apply domestically, or be applied to international travel as well.

Executive travel

Looking to take the stress out of your hectic travel schedule? Then Priority Watch Services’s executive travel packages, available both with or without our close protection service, may be ideal for you.

If you wish to extend your close protection to the road, our team of specially trained security personnel, with experience of evasive driving and hostile environment management, will ensure that you are protected no matter where you go. Detailed route planning and through local research will put our staff in the best position to make sure you get from point A to point B without incident.

But this service is also available without the close protection benefits. Clients taking this option will still be escorted by highly trained security professionals, so there will be no drop in service. You can obtain the benefits of a secure transport, on top of the stress relieving knowledge of having a dedicated chauffeur ready to ferry you to wherever you need to go, whenever you need to go there.

Interested in either our close protection or executive travel packages? To find out more, and to find out which service is right for you, please feel free to contact us.