Door Supervisors

Door supervisors. Club security. Front of house guards. Or, as they are informally known, bouncers. These men and women perform a very important service in the name of protection, prevention, and reassurance. And Priority Watch Services have some of the best door supervisors around.

As with our other security packages, Priority Watch Services’s door supervisor service is individually tailored to our clients needs. An office building requires a different set-up and approach to a nightclub. Fortunately, our fully licensed SIA approved door supervisors have years of experience in all the various scenarios in which door staff are necessary. They can instigate a system that is thorough and reassuring, but not overly intimidating or intrusive.

The key to a successful door supervision strategy is preventing a crime, as opposed to reacting to one once it has occurred. That is why we utilise technology such as CCTV systems and body cameras, in conjunction with money-can’t-buy experience, to keep things calm and orderly.

An overbearing, “scary” door supervision team is somewhat failing at its job in most customer based businesses. Door supervisors are usually the first people to greet people upon their arrival, so if they can be approachable, professional, and yet assertive, nine times out of ten that will be enough to prevent incidents from occurring. Our professionals understand this, and they will work in conjunction with our clients at all times to ensure they are doing the best job possible in all aspects of their job.

But should negative scenarios occur, Priority Watch Services’s door supervisors are trained to defuse these often tense situations. Staff trained in conflict management, restraining techniques, and first aid are available, and all of our staff are given refresher courses regularly to make sure they are up to date with laws and techniques that pertain to their important job.

Don’t settle for untrained, uncultured or unprofessional “bouncers” – add reassurance and class with door supervisors from Priority Watch Services.

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