Event Security

Events of any scale can provide a lot of concerns about security. The sheer amount of people present will require some marshalling to ensure their safety, and the threat of theft or violence can be rife under certain situations. If you want to work with an experienced event security coordinator, with an elite team of specially trained security guards ready to put your mind at ease, then come to Priority Watch Services.

Priority Watch Services understand that the best way to ensure the protection of the public, the performers, and the on-site staff is to work closely with the event organisers. They will have insight that our security guards may lack when it comes to the specific ins and outs of the event. Similarly, our event security guards will have invaluable experiences they can draw on that may have been overlooked by organisers. By working in conjunction with each other, a tailor made security system can be put in place that does everything it can to prevent crime and disruption from occurring.

Our professional event security staff, well versed in the specific laws pertaining to our clients events, as well as trained in all the relevant skills necessary for the prevention of crime, will perform full threat and risk assessments to ensure that no stone is left unturned. They will devise the best system to ensure the smoothest possible security arrangements, with the relevant technology (CCTV etc.) to reinforce it. We aim to be reassuring, and yet as discreet as possible, as so not to overshadow the event the customers have paid to see.

Having this peace of mind early can be a great weight off of organisers shoulders, and allows them to focus their energy on the more important aspects of their event. Let Priority Watch Services do the legwork for you. If you would like to consult with us and see if we are right for your event security needs, please feel free to get in touch here.

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It is Priority Watch Services’s aim to always exceed our customer’s expectations through an integrated approach to security.

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