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Priority Watch Services is set up to be a dynamic security service, ready to provide you with whatever protection service you need, regardless of budget, job details, or schedule. Priority Watch Services are ready, willing and able to be your security provider both short and long term – whether you want a security guard ASAP, or want to set up a comprehensive security network for years to come, we’re here to provide.

We pride ourselves on our flexibility when it comes to our on the ground security personnel. We have already provided security solutions to a wide range of sectors, all of which carry unique challenges that need to be overcome. That means that our management team and security guard personnel are ready to adapt to whatever security needs you may have.

Not sure what specific security needs or risks you may have? Priority Watch Services can perform on-site assessments, wherein we survey the situation and tailor our security package to ensure you have the best coverage. Our SIA approved staff on-site, who are all trained to the highest level, will then be ready to give you absolute peace of mind – their job is to be reassuring, and yet as unintrusive as possible. An overbearing security presence is not ideal for a lot of our clients, so our operatives aim to be professional, while remaining customer focussed.

Each will be equipped with the specific items and tools that are best suited to your security needs. Again, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing robust security guarding, so our personnel will be well equipped to deal with any potential situation. Here are some of the additional services we can also provide.

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It is Priority Watch Services’s  aim to always exceed our customer’s expectations through an integrated approach to security.

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Alarm & Key holding

Priority Watch Services offer an extensive alarm monitoring system, which only further backs up the on-site security.

Our alarms are monitored 24/7, constantly vigilant to any and all intrusions or obstructions at your premises. When an alarm is tripped, our quick response teams are deployed. These operators can also be backed up by our dedicated dog handling units, and can be on-site in no time at all. They will quickly assess the situation, and react accordingly.

Should your property sustain damage, our security guards will remain onsite until the damage is fixed, or the property can be resecured. So whether you require an alarm for one storefront, or a multi-property site, Priority Watch Services can provide the best solution.

Dog Handlers

Priority Watch Services has a team of highly trained security dogs should any of your customers require them. Security dogs and their handlers provide security benefits that our normal elite security guards simply can not.

Outside of the obvious visual deterrent, security dog teams can be used in search operations, and for monitoring large groups of people at once. Their abilities perfectly compliment the rest of our security guard packages, whether they are used in an emergency capacity or as a constant presence.

Commercial, Educational and Retail security

Priority Watch Services have a long history of providing security for properties, locations and events up and down the social scale. We have worked with single store fronts, through large scale warehouse complexes, all the way to events attracting thousands upon thousands of people. In a nutshell – we are ready for whatever security needs you may have.

Our personnel work closely with on-site staff to make sure they are providing the best security guarding possible. We’ve learned from experience that incorporating staff as closely as possible leads to an easier, happier, but above all safer working environment. This all ties in with our desire to be robust and yet discreet.

We have specially trained security guards who have years of experience working with retail establishments, warehouse facilities, and educational properties. They will have knowledge that only experience can bring, which is a critical component of security guarding. This means that Priority Watch Services has the potential to offer you insight that very few other establishments can offer.
If you are interested in enquiring further about our security guard packages, please feel free to contact us here.