Taxi Marshals

The role of the taxi marshal is two fold. On the one hand, they are employed to protect the public from illegal taxi services, who operate with the sole goal of inflicting massive price inflation on innocent members of the public just looking to get home. On the other hand, they are there to protect the queue from unruly members of the public, who are causing tension or intimidation with unsociable actions.

Thankfully, Priority Watch Services’s taxi marshals are highly trained professionals, who have the experience to balance both responsibilities with authority and restraint.

Illegal private hire cars and unlicensed taxis are becoming a greater and greater threat in the towns and cities of the UK and beyond. With so many relying on taxis for their transport both during the day and the night, it is an ideal sector to try and exploit. Our taxi marshals are equipped with the latest knowledge on the law and regulations regarding taxi services, allowing them to spot illegal activity where others would be oblivious.

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Once a problem has been spotted, they will prevent the taxi from taking customers by informing them of their illegal practice, and then turn their details over to the relevant authorities for legal proceedings. Therefore just having a visible marshal at a taxi rank can be enough to prevent these taxis from trying their luck.

Obviously, problems can occur just as easily in the queue itself. In city centres, night time can easily bring around unruly behaviour thanks to alcohol. Flare ups happen often, but antisocial behaviour in a taxi queue can be particularly dangerous. Not only are there usually several people confined to a small space, but an altercation could easily spread into the road, causing even more dangerous situations. A taxi marshal is there to defuse these, and various other possible scenarios, such as arguments over queue position and disputes with taxi drivers. And Priority Watch Services’s taxi marshal’s are highly trained security officers, so they can tackle these situations in the most restrained, professional manner possible.

Taxi supervisors are a vital link between the police, local authorities, taxi companies, and the general public. They are there to ensure the smooth running of the taxi queue for the benefit of everyone, and should things go wrong, they are there to minimise the impact. They have also been shown to have a great impact on street crime in general, with their presence deterring those willing to commit illicit activities from carrying out their plans.

We tailor all of our taxi marshalling services to our clients, ensuring that the system in place is the ideal solution to their specific needs. Taxi marshals grant reassurance and peace of mind, which can be invaluable. If you would like to know more about Priority Watch Services’s taxi marshalling services, please get in touch here.